Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other


Wiktionary has this to say about “Six of One Half and Half a Dozen of the Other”:


six of one, half a dozen of the other

  1. (idiomatic) The two alternatives are equivalent or indifferent; it doesn’t matter which one we choose.
  2. (idiomatic, of two people) Equally involved; equally responsible


 We live in a six of one and half a dozen of the other world. A whatever culture. A culture with bumper sticker clothed cars.

Some of those cars, give evidence to the confusion seated inside. One car reads: Jesus Saves, Bob Marley, Coexist, NRA, and a pink bow to top it off. Huh?

These are the times of Six of One and Half a Dozen of the Other, of same difference, and whatevers. Of love, tolerance, and anything goes.

This is so relevant. Do you read me, reader.  Do you know how relevant this is? Yes, buzz word, I know. But, don’t let it distract you.

It invades the church house- this slogan life. And don’t blow it off.  Slogans are band-aids meant to keep us comfortable even if God’s name is attached to them. They are meant to keep you and, yes, God in a box.  They are meant to keep life from being raw, which is what it is. The stages, the schedules, the putting off of difficult situations of keeping sin as hushed as possible. As if. God had No. Power. It’s a  scheme called image control, but I’ll let you in on a secret. Come close. The images don’t stand a chance. Remember, Thou Shalt Not Make Any Graven, yes, Images. There’s nothing more sacredly graven than the spirit of man- graven with the image of the Maker. Don’t distort yourself or others.

Jesus reveals the true heart, the uncovered heart. He deals with people up front and honestly, because He is good.  This is the only way to deal with people, complicated as we are, in a dignified manner.  People made in the image of God are meant to be treated as such without apology, without same difference, or patch -it- up talk.

And so, Jesus, cuts to the chase. He shows that He is set apart, a man, and yet above man. Not six of one and half a dozen of the other- not to be treated as same difference or as a whatever. No pitting Him against Himself-part human part God. No, this God- man walked and talked with the full authority and beauty of heaven always offering Himself by the narrow way of repentance that leads not to a denomination-not to a tag line- but to Himself. He doesn’t try to patch anyone up with the quoting of a verse, but reveals Himself as the Word made flesh, willing to dwell among us. Yes, among.

Remember when he called you out?  When He showed you who you were on your own apart from Him, when He made you conscious of your sin? Were you offended or did you look to Him and know that only True Love would tell you the truth? see Romans 3:20

Only True Love would let a sad heart cry and allow that heart the compassion of her Father and the dignity to ask her Maker for Hope.

Only True Love would let a desperate heart feel the ache of want and allow her the Bravery to seek her Maker hanging on to the promise that He said those who seek shall find.

Only True Love would let heaven ring out with silence and allow her the beauty of surrender to her Maker even when she cannot hear Him answer back.

Only True Love would give a hard answer and allow His beloved the choice of hardening her heart or getting up under His hand.

Only True Love would allow flaming arrows to fly, the battle to rage, and not make it stop because she has the privilege of being trained by Her Maker in the use of His armor.

True Love doesn’t grab your burden and make you lay it down. True love doesn’t act as if the burden is down when it still weighs down the back of it’s bearer. True Love invites. True Love stalls because when anyone comes on His terms because He is God… He is there- face forward- never has He turned His back for those who are weary of heavy burdens and eager for the comfort and words of the One who can help.

Only true love will call me out and love me still. Only true love calls me into life, revealing His gift of faith is sturdy enough to handle all my confusions.

Yes, the One. He does not budge. He does not flinch.  He does not grab for fairy dust to wrap it all up in a cinch.

Look at Him. The King, Creator, Righteous, Holy, Judge born in a manger. And on that night, babies cried, couples fought, prostitutes prostituted, rulers abused their powers, religious leaders lied, lips whispered selfish prayers and others surrendered prayers. He did not come with a wand, a fix, a high. Even Mary- she bled. She cried. She praised. She hurt. She wanted her mom, a bath, a bed, a pleasing smell. She received more, though; the better, the best- Him, with no fairy dust included. Perfect Him.

Fast forward to the day of His death- Judas hung himself. No dust for him. The pharisees lied. No dust for them. The people yelled, “Crucify Him!” No dust for them. Peter denied. No dust for him. The disciples ran. No dust for them. Mary wept and her heart broke. No dust for her.

But blood there was. Spilled there. And not just any blood. The only blood that could do this deed. The perfect lamb’s blood dripped and spilled there at Calvary.

And the words of John the Baptist echoing:

“Prepare the way for the Lamb!”

“Produce fruit worthy of repentance!”

Because He did not come with a package, pretty and polite. He came and gave His very person. His blood. His life.

And Peter was covered, but Judas wasn’t.

Mary understood, but Pilate didn’t

The women cried, but the crowds wouldn’t.

This One. Who sees our hearts. Who says submit yourself under my mighty hand and I will lift you up in due time.  Him.

The lamb who makes the way for repentance.

What else would God require? You and I would be gods if he required what we wanted. To serve God without surrender. To never admit we are wrong. To protect our sin and call it our identity. To hate some and refuse to forgive. To be worshiped. To build our own kingdoms. To dominate and control. To have God serve us. To live a life of whatevers and treating Him as six of one and half a dozen of the other.


This Dear Reader, is for the one who wants anything but that -even if you have forgotten.

You. Believer:

Who see Jesus as the only reliable basket to place all your eggs.

Who stand next to Paul calling yourself the worst of sinners in this generation because more of Jesus is wanted and wanted still.

Who reject the fairy dust, repent, and get up under His mighty hand.

Who have received hard words from Him and are willing to hear more.

Who refuse to sweep junk under the rug knowing Him to be the only sufficient cover.

May you be blessed with a habit of personal repentance, running your own race, eyes fixed on the One who is above all the clamor. May you See His hand despite the going on of life in so many painful ways around this globe. May you be willing to get up under His hand no matter how low it may go, producing fruit worthy of repentance.

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  1. Thank you for reminded me that there is a God that accepts and loves me by letting me enjoy or suffer the consequences of choices made. He cries and laughs with me. What a blessing!!!

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