Faithful God Part 2

Cause stumbling around in the dark is to be expected… It is darkness.

And that’s why we need The Light.

The only one who can be called Light.

Every believer has to believe it’s true- that the way to walk with Christ is to stay near to the cross… His finished work, the evidence that I am a wretched sinner and that ONLY by His grace does He save me.

I’m not saved… gonna be a good girl now.

I am a beggar, filled with His goodness saying, “Come, eat, drink and be filled”.

He is the bread and the water of life- the light my darkness craves.

And He won’t have the picture painted any other way.

I cannot mess up His purposes for me.

I can sin and be out of His will- but as His child, He will accomplish what He has begun in me and in you, if you walk that road of repentance that has led to salvation- that trail carved out by the Father that leads straight to Him, with Him, and for Him.

There will be fruit, cause He said: those that are His will be known by their fruit.

Believe it.

Believe it. Believe it.

Fruit- with your name  and mine on it to carry His Name in your daily life. Fruit-With my name and yours on it to shine His glory into the darkness.

Fruit that bears witness to the Lord of Lords. The King of Kings. The Author of the stars, seasons, mountaintops, and valleys.

Dear Reader, sometimes we all drink from the well of self, but because of Jesus we can stop.

He is NOT surprised by our weakness- He was crucified for it. Can we get that He knows the depths of our weakness even more than we can comprehend?

He allows us to see it at times- glimpses- not to hurt our feelings, but to draw us close- so that our lives WILL BEAR FRUIT. Because the only fruit worth bearing is the real deal Jesus fruit.

Fake fruit can be mighty pretty, but that’s all it can be- it serves no other purpose.

To give glory to the King, who let me pretend for a time- only for the purpose of drawing me closer:

Cause my eyes teared up and I tried to grasp truth,

That seemed to fall through my fingers,

looking for proof

and my heart felt betrayed,

like you left me alone,

all alone,

til you showed me,

How I wandered,

and traded the truth for lies,

trusted self and became puffed up-


Enemy No.1 in the the Kingdom of God

Fear. Unbelief. Deceit.

Your battle training includes teaching yours about the enemies at hand…

letting us take that line- because You are not scared. Not scared to lose us the way we fear losing You. You know we are safe in Your hand-

Perfect, unworried Father…

So the valley of battle might cause us to lose heart over our weakness….or even the weakness of others…

But Dear Reader, the battle and our failures in it never do take the King by surprise-

He knows He has won and now He trains in walking in His winning, all wrapped up in Jesus with the armor in place.

Teaching us how to walk at His pace.

How to listen as He speaks His truth and His grace,


Love to His beloveds-

Come here.


“I never leave. Remember”.

Say it.

In the dark, He loves me.

And in the fear it’s true.

He will never leave me, cause I really am His dear.

His bought with His blood

Repenting and trusting Him alone,

If the training to trust nothing but You, O God takes dark valleys of the soul…

Then so be it.

He is with me in the valley… shepherding me with His care.

Til we  cry and fall at His feet,

That when our self will run riot will raises it’s head- I must pay attention and drive it back to the cross.

Wake up!

Wake Up!

You, O God only You are good,

You in the valley,

with purpose there,

That if there is fruit- it will only be yours.

You give and you take away

and the song of the redeemed is Blessed Be Your Name

And you, God of the mountaintop and the glorious view

And you, God in the kitchen, in the yard, in a prison cell, in a crowd, or all alone-

And what you want is me- at the cross- pointing at the tomb

where you shatter my enemies- and give me your life-


Beloved You.


The Lord Bless You With Knowing Your Heavenly Father Through Jesus’ Finished Work And Being Enabled By His Spirit Alone. Bless You.


For Further Meditation:

Psalm 103 and Psalm 121 for meditation on God’s goodness.

2 books chock- full of Gospel: The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

The Saving Life of Christ by Major Ian Thomas

In Christ Alone,

Diana Corman


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