Sanctification in a Passive Culture

My friend shared gratitude for the professor who hurt her feelings and helped her to the cross. I am equally grateful for the people who were unwilling to play my silly games and were and are honest with me- seeking His words for me not their opinions or my approval.

There’s a word I use to describe something I see around me. It’s “pansification”. It means the turning into a passive pansy. Now this is not nice but nonetheless it is what many who claim Christ would have believers believe sanctification is. This may or may not be in in response to hypocritical, aggressive behavior witnessed in rigid, church culture. Nonetheless, swinging the pendulum the other way is not the answer.

 Jesus did not die a passive, nice death. He was beautifully assertive and submitted to the Father- fulfilling the purpose for which He came.  Jesus said this of Himself, ” I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd  lays down his life for the sheep.” John 10:11

… John (the Baptist) saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world! John 1:29


He is our answer.

Sanctification is becoming more aware of our utter dependence on Him and needing Him for all of life…. Loving Him knowing we are the worst of sinners, like Paul, and being willing, at His mercy, to speak His truth at His leading with His love because we know our own depravity and are all wrapped up in Him.


And it can only be done at His pace.

Sanctification, for the born again, is His way alone.  God does not take away the difficult. He rather shows us He is the God of the impossible despite our difficulties.

He is the God of Resurrection Life. Before Christ, we sow and reap death… only because He rains on and reigns over the righteous and the unrighteous do we experience any of His goodness before salvation.  He is that good.

It is ONLY by His Life- The Word Made Flesh- that we, or anyone can LIVE- sowing and reaping life.

That’s why we call it a relationship. A shelter – Us, up under His hand… submitting to His time table, repenting when we wander, doubt, and fear… needing Him like the air we breathe. Knowing that an arsenal of arrows may fly at us, our desires may betray us, we may tremble, question, wonder if deliverance is coming… but we can get out His Word and read it— knowing all else may seem real, but HE IS THE REALITY OUR SPIRIT CRAVES.

Out of that fulfillment, He shows us:

 He has a purpose for our lives: to bear fruit,


 We Can’t Bear That Fruit in Self Will With Our Words Trying To Share His Glory.

This breaking down of self will, this taking our broken parts and filling them up with God alone- His healing, His life, His hope, His peace, forgiveness, grace, and truth…

This is sanctification.

This requires a relationship.

A dependence.

And out of this place- is where we bear fruit.

The Great Gardener… plows us… works the soil of our hearts… plants seed… and calls us to wait. to be. with Him.

Dear Reader, this is where you and I can be bold and it be right. Be kind and our motive be pure. Be and shine our lights… free… broken… weak and relying on His strength.  We can be humble to receive direction, loving enough to confront, bold to say His words when they sound mean and might hurt someone for the greater purpose that He has. Be gentle when we want to yell, pray at all times and repent when we haven’t. Know we are safe in our Father’s hand and that any correction from Him is rooted in deep love. See Proverbs 3:12 and Hebrews 12:6

O Dear Reader, don’t trade this good stuff, real deal walking with Him for performance and the approval of man, this firm gripped religion of trying to hold onto Him as if you really could or would… the safe bottom lands… when He says, “It’s time to climb, and don’t worry. I HAVE YOU… In My Hand.  You can settle in dear. This is how you war with me, my love.”

Go, climb with Him.

The times are too dangerous to not.

There is coming a time when your sources will be tested… The church will be shaken and many will fall away… exposing what was really going on all along.

Now is the time to go… with all that we are… to His Word and enabled by His Spirit… closer to the Heart of Our Father God.

Bless you with Jesus: the great Revealer and and Redeemer of hearts!

In Christ Alone,

Diana Corman

If you are interested in a Bible reading plan check out

She provides a brief blog on each Bible reading for the day and questions to help the reader see the patterns of Scripture from beginning to end. This a chronological approach which helps us see the Scripture as one continuous story, which is what it is!

Books you may enjoy:

The Bronze Bow

The Bronze Bow
  • The Bronze Bow is a book by Elizabeth George Speare that won the Newbery Medal for excellence in American children’s literature in 1962. This book is set in first-century Judaea. The main character, a young man named Daniel Bar Jamin, lives at the same time as Jesus of Nazareth.
  • My thoughts: This book gives the reader an excellent view of Jesus!  He comes on the scene in complicated times… much like ours today.  I found it very encouraging and a reminder to keep the main thing the main thing: Jesus!

Hinds’ Feet on High Places

Hinds' Feet on High Places
  • Hinds’ Feet on High Places is an allegorical novel by English author Hannah Hurnard. Hinds’ Feet was written in 1955 and has become a very successful work of Christian fiction, seeing new editions published as recently as July, 2005.
  • My addition: This book is based on Psalm 18:33 “He makes my feet like hinds’ feet, And sets me upon my high places.” One of my all time favorites.


Now is the time!

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