The Builder


  Marriages are all different. BUT some things can be applied to every marriage.  Ladies, I am challenging… all few of us who read this blog (wink, wink)  to focus on our relationship with Christ and allowing it to mess with our marriages.

I’m seeing… people are broken.  We need Jesus. We get married. Marriage is arguably the most vulnerable relationship there is… ideally we get naked together on a regular basis while growing older together! Doesn’t get much more vulnerable than that!  We bring our present and our pasts with us into this long haul relationship. It. is. a. vulnerable. deal. Marriage, that is.

I’m seeing… we are tempted to build walls that protect us from our husbands and vice versa.  There is nothing like being hurt, feeling rejected, unloved, unnoticed by a spouse. There is nothing that stirs up insecurity in us quite like rocky times in marriage. Nothing. Marriage, that is.

I’m seeing… how do I write about marriage when people are dealing with all sorts of stuff!?

Well, here, is something we all need.

We all, need to find our worth in Christ Alone.

I’ve read The Marriage Builder going on three times.  I highly recommend it.  And some of the problems we have in marriage are because we look to our spouses to fill needs only God can. Sometimes we are looking for affirmation from our men, when he is looking to us to be secure in Christ, so when he gets home… and maybe you as well… he can rest… you can rest without having to fill another person up.

Two full people make for some good love.

And I know.

Some of you… want your husband full so badly.

But, listen,

One person full is loved and right before God. That makes for the ability to love that man. One full is better than none at all. Jesus is enough for whatever situation we find ourselves in. He is aware. He sees. He is our enabler.

May the Lord bless you as we search out together, who we are in Christ. Listen, Jesus wants to minister to you, to counsel you, to heal your deepest wounds. Bless you with letting Him. Bless you with receiving all He has for you- hard and glorious words- words that convict, cleanse, anoint, and bless you. Bless you with looking to Jesus, the author and perfecter of your faith- as He blesses you with abundance in Him alone and presents you as a beautiful wife to your man- being vulnerable and giving to him because your security is in the King of your heart- all because of Jesus.

Look for a new post daily from here until Christmas… focusing on who we are in and because of Christ,

In Him Alone,


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