The Breastplate

of Righteousness.

We all paint pictures… that would make our lives good, prove that we are good. A husband? X number of children? This or that ministry? A house… that looks like? And on and on…


Scripture teaches there is but One that is good: God. Alone.

“Arise, those that are good!”

And only the three-in-one could step to the front. Any man, woman, boy, or girl, who might try to arise would be shamed in the light His goodness.

But with all that glory, all that holiness, purity, righteousness… what does He do?

“Come on out”, He tells the shamed, the broken, the guilty, “Feel that shame, that guilt, the unworthiness, the cower of knowing your heart, your sin is known by your Maker.”

The law. Our taskmaster. Matthew Henry described it as what curses and condemns us, what commands, forbids, and threatens fallen man, but offers no grace to cure and strengthen. He went on to describe the Law(think 10 commandments for short, Leviticus, Deuteronomy for long) like the sun shining on a dunghill, exciting and drawing up the filthy steams. (Matthew Henry’s Commentary on Romans)


This same God, who shows us our true condition, calling us into the light of reality, enters the world as a baby.

A real baby.

Not a plastic baby in a manger scene.

A baby born of a real virgin in the stench of a stable.

Born to fulfill the law’s demands on us and pay our penalty of sin.

Our not good in exchange for His good.

Our unrighteousness close to our hearts… shame close to our hearts… so personal… so close the whispers of hopelessness we have allowed, believed, feared.

That unrighteousness in exchange for His righteousness placed right on our chests.

I love my kids. I pull them in for a hug, right up to my chest, my heart.

Here. Is where Christ places His righteousness. Close and intimate. We can just put our hands up by our hearts, our chest… and know there He is… His righteousness… right here. with me. with you.

Bless you with rejoicing in His goodness alone. May the peace of God dwell on you because you are clothed with His righteousness and it all depends on Him. May your pictures and mine be traded in for surrender… that His work trump all other works and His power and joy be the strength of our hearts… glorifying Him and Him alone.

Bless Jesus, our breastplate of righteousness… up close to our hearts! Because He loves and protects us.

In Him Alone,


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