Melba Toast Continued

A recipe for homemade crackers to follow up on the last post:

photocra 2

I’ve wanted to be a bread-baking home maker. I have an image in my mind of a woman, who bakes bread every Monday like clockwork. She is NOT me. It does happen, the bread baking that is- once a year, maybe twice. I’ve settled for baking crackers sporadically. My family doesn’t mind. The woman baking bread on Mondays was my picture not theirs.

I’ve been making crackers for years and like the picture says… they are ridiculously easy.

I buy spelt wheat and grind it to substitute for some of the flour. You can experiment or not.


*For the technologically challenged: Make your screen font larger( if you have an Apple, click command and the plus sign), or click on the image to get a better view.

Here’s the cookbook the recipe came from:

photocook 1

Can you tell I like this cookbook? No, I LOVE it. It is falling apart. Money well spent.

Bless you with being a blessing to your family,


P.S. Oh, and double or triple this recipe… your family will gobble them up.

P.S.S. We just finished our box of Aldi’s crackers tonight! Time to go back. See last post titled, “Melba Toast” if you don’t get it.


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