An Unruly Girl Slapped and a Shepherd with a Rod

Over this last year, we have heard much about police brutality. I have been vocal about what I believe and sometimes silent- Here is one thing for sure: I NEVER think it is appropriate or godly to encourage a victim mentality, to sympathize with the work of the enemy in someone’s life… there is an appropriate way to ask for help, to grieve, to deal with injustices and pain. And lest anyone think that come from a high and mighty place- here is a bit of my testimony… a lowly shameful place where out of control was the game I played and Satan played with me batting me around like a helpless mouse…I, like most, have a whole list of why I could justify living like a victim… BUT MY GOD…

Better Than Fairy Dust


I have this book by Adrian Rogers, titled The Lord is My Shepherd.  Underneath the title, reads in a font I imagine titled, “Fancy”: Reflections on God’s Loving Care. Flip open the book with me to page 45. About one-third of the way down, we read: THE RESTORING MINISTRY OF THE SHEPHERD.


Would you take a look at it with me as Dr. Rogers gives us insight into the real-life job of a shepherd and why and how God takes this role in our lives.  Starting on pg. 46 at the end of the first paragraph:

This (the rod) was a club of protection with which to defend His sheep against robbers and wild animals, as well as a club of preservation with which to correct the ways of stubborn sheep.

Occasionally, a sheep refuses to follow the shepherd’s directions. Knowing his sheep may endanger itself, the…

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