Cushioned Falls

I love to write. You are invited to read… a bit of my heart… for Him, to Him and through Him.

Better Than Fairy Dust

Cushioned Falls.

They Never Did Do No One Any Good.

Unless, that is you are an acrobat in a circus, walking the tight rope and your foot slips.

Then, a net- a cushioned fall would be greatly appreciated.

Or if you are a kid, playing, let’s say on a trampoline and you bounce off the side of the net that surrounds that trampoline.

Then, Momma and Poppa are happy for that net that saved the family from a possible  trip to the emergency room.

Those kinds of cushioned falls are not what I’m talkin’ about here.

I’m talkin’ about the ones that stop people from feeling the pain. You know, in the right way. The pain that just might bring them to the cross. The uncomfort. The torture. The self that just keeps showing up. The ego that causes all kinds of trouble. The pity. The will run riot. The…

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