When Truth Preached From the Pulpit Is Not Enough

Posted about nine months ago… One of the passions of my heart.

Better Than Fairy Dust

This post is difficult.

Because it is about pain- in the church house.

I’m talking to Bible believers here, primarily (but not only) Protestants, because for the most part in the practice of worship meetings hold the time of teaching from the pulpit in the highest regard. This is especially to those, who preach the Word, who have NOT compromised and may find this as a source of pride.

It’s about the next generation of believers. And you, listen. That is, if you are a rescued, redeemed, washed clean, child of the King.

Look at this. And look closely.

Read it. Weep. Pray.

I copied this from Rachel Held Evans blog- named one of the 50 most influential women in Christendom of our day. Her post was called Sunday Superlatives where she picked some different quotes, books, etc… that she considers “super”.

Kathryn Joyce with “By Grace Alone”

“For years…

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