When Truth Preached From the Pulpit Is Not Enough- Part 2

Posted this on Memorial Day last year… the second part of a challenge to believers, who hold the Word of God in highest regard as an infallible revelation from our Lord to us.

Better Than Fairy Dust

My last post titled, “WHEN TRUTH PREACHED FROM THE PULPIT IS NOT ENOUGH” offers the beginning to this post.

The “church” (I use this term loosely) has a track record of sweeping sin under the rug (for centuries), even when truth and grace are preached from the pulpit. We are naturally followers, so even if we are true believers, sometimes we can become swayed by culture and not even recognize it because we are often still heavily involved in “religious” activity. Here is a list for pondering and taking before the Lord in light of His Word.

1.No repentance over our own sexual brokenness- We have no purity on our own. If we profess to be saved, we must admit we need Jesus in all areas of life. It’s His purity that we are clothed in. (period) (exclamation point)! Romans 3:12

2.Giving in to the cultural labels of homosexual…

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