Moving, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and How Jesus Holds Us Right By His Heart

We have moved. Out into the middle of nowhere. Cause we’ve had chickens for five years…

photo chick1

and if you’ve seen the video about what happens to people, who get chickens, then you’ll know what happened. You’ll know why we have a few acres and there’s twenty- four baby chicks out in building #4. You’ll know why twenty-five more are on their way. You’ll know something else, too, you will know why the barn-like building #2 stirs up talk about a dairy cow, hay, fences, and manure for the garden.

Here’s the video if you want to see it:

Yes. That’s us.

Right out here.

We’ve settled into our homeschooling. Our reading, our writing, and arithmetic… with a helping of hens, chicks, and garden plans on the side.

I had said I would write about marriage the entire month of December and on into January… BUT I was barely clickin’ these keys…preparing for Christmas, wrapping up school, and preparing to move which included losing books on marriage I was supposed to be reading. So I decided to reblog all thirty (give or take a few) posts from my first year to have a blog. I’m taking a break from that with this post.

And while my kids do fractions, decimals, and geometry… I checked and checked (shame on me) the likes on facebook for my reblogged posts along with the stats on my wordpress page… and my arithmetic lesson wasn’t making me happy. I think… mean things towards myself and all my failures, shortcomings… plant themselves in my mind… in vain imaginations about how I shouldn’t blog. How I’m like one of those people on American Idol, who think they can sing, but sadly they are so off key it’s hard not to laugh. How I must have made up hearing the Lord, surely He doesn’t want  me to write. You know, come to think of it, I’m not good at anything and I don’t have any friends. A little extreme, don’t ya think?

But, when I started to write this blog, I really did NOT start for numbers. Actually one of my pet peeves is making numbers more important than people. I just really like to write. I love to talk. I love to read. And Above All, I LOVE MY LORD, JESUS. He was the one, who encouraged me- to be me… not for the approval of man, but because I had His approval… because I was all wrapped up in Him… because I am saved, blood-bought…

To trust Him, not myself.

Because I could shine for Him because of Him and by Him.

And so I write. Did I mention that I like to write?

Did I mention my Creator made me and He likes me?

And if He likes me, guess what? He likes you. Little ‘ol you. Little ‘ol me. I like to know that He likes me, don’t you? And to know He likes you? That helps me too… cause His main gift to us is: love and I have this crazy, human tendency to compare, to compete…to put myself above or below other people. He has called me to neither, but rather to love. He has called me to think of myself with sober judgement. (Romans 12)

Do you ever need some fresh sober judgement?  I am needy for some daily.

Self comes talkin’ loudly packed full of lies and extreme thinking.

Moment by moment, believers, let’s head back to Jesus…listening to Him, to His words, meditating on Him, the Father, and the Spirit. Then our perspective and motive is making Him known and forgetting ourselves… not so eager to get affirmation, approval from man.

And here is what Jesus gave me and how He brings me to my senses:

Exodus 28 describes the priestly garments for the high priests: Aaron and his sons. We will focus on the breastplate and God’s instructions on how to make it. Then we will look at it’s significance made fully evident in JESUS.

Verses 15- 21

Fashion a breastpiece for making decisions—the work of skilled hands. Make it like the ephod: of gold, and of blue, purple and scarlet yarn, and of finely twisted linen.  It is to be square—a span long and a span wide—and folded double.  Then mount four rows of precious stones on it. The first row shall be carnelian, chrysolite and beryl; the second row shall be turquoise, lapis lazuli and emerald;  the third row shall be jacinth, agate and amethyst;  the fourth row shall be topaz, onyx and jasper. Mount them in gold filigree settings. There are to be twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.

And Verse 29

 “Whenever Aaron enters the Holy Place, he will bear the names of the sons of Israel over his heart on the breast piece of decision as a continuing memorial before the Lord. 

The Matthew Henry Commentary on these verses:

In this breast-plate  I. The tribes of Israel were recommended to God’s favour in twelve precious stones, Exod. 28:17-21, 29. … Aaron was to bear their names for a memorial before the Lord continually, being ordained for men, to represent them in things pertaining to God, herein typifying our great high priest, who always appears in the presence of God for us. 1. Though the people were forbidden to come near, and obliged to keep their distance, yet by the high priest, who had their names on his breast-plate, they entered into the holiest; so believers, even while they are here on this earth, not only enter into the holiest, but by faith are made to sit with Christ in heavenly places, Eph. 2:6. 2. The name of each tribe was engraven in a precious stone, to signify how precious, in God’s sight, believers are, and how honourable, Isa. 43:4. They shall be his in the day he makes up his jewels, Mal. 3:17. How small and poor soever the tribe was, it was a precious stone in the breast-plate of the high priest; thus are all the saints dear to Christ, and his delight is in them as the excellent ones of the earth, however men may esteem them as earthen pitchers, Lam. 4:2. 3. The high priest had the names of the tribes both on his shoulders and on his breast, intimating both the power and the love with which our Lord Jesus intercedes for those that are his. He not only bears them up upon his heart, as the expression here is (Exod. 28:29), carries them in his bosom (Isa. 40:11), with the most tender affection. How near should Christ’s name be to our hearts, since he is pleased to lay our names so near his! and what a comfort it is to us, in all our addresses to God, that the great high priest of our profession has the names of all his Israel upon his breast before the Lord for a memorial, presenting them to God as the people of his choice, who were to be made accepted in the beloved! Let not any good Christians fear that God has forgotten them, nor question his being mindful of them upon all occasions, when they are not only engraven upon the palms of his hands (Isa. 49:16), but engraven upon the heart of the great intercessor. See Song 8:6.

And this.

Beloved Reader.

So, I’m tending to children, to chicks, to school, to home… waiting on my man to get home… and I’m clickin’ these keys.

Cause, I like to write. And hope is all welled up in my heart to know, to know, to know… that I am carried close to my Master’s chest and as long as my fingers can click, my mouth can speak, and my lungs have breath… may I stand. for my Jesus and be. and be, yes and be His servant honoring His voice above all the rest. May I not get all turned inward and selfish, but give freely without any strings attached.

To the Kingdom!

To the Restoration!

Bless you with standing because Hope Stands and shines for Jesus because the hope is that you are seated by your Great High Priest in the heavenlies. And Hope Stands because you are held right by His heart, right by His heart! So, when Jesus intercedes for you, He doesn’t point at you…over there… He points to you right by His Heart, a jewel.  Bless your soul with that peace today… no matter the arithmetic… because He is faithful to produce fruit in His children. And dear reader, remember this: When you slay lies with truth and grace… You walk with Jesus… all filled with the Spirit, there is ALWAYS fruit in the Spirit.



Next post has a drawing for a free book with three winners! Because another way to slaughter self-defeat is to give to others. Look for details!


  1. February 16th is a cold day and streets are covered with ice and snow. Today, I feel very much in peace and I just enjoyed being home working and catching up after having been away for a time. I feel grateful for all God’s gifts: warm clothes, a home, food and for my daughter “The Blogger” that inspires me and many others with her commitment to the Lord.. God is good!

  2. This post makes me smile, mainly because it helps to know another blogger feels the same way I do about writing – in every way. But also because this post, in itself, is encouraging. Thanks for writing! I don’t comment often (and I’m going to try to do better about that), but I love reading. 🙂

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