Hi.  I’m so glad you have taken the time to come by and read.  I’ll introduce myself.  My name is Diana. I live in a little green house with my husband of thirteen years and our three children.


I love to read, write, and paint. My reading takes the form of good children’s literature.  I love the depth of quality children’s literature without the often unnecessary and drama-filled adult perspectives.  My writing takes the form of notebooks and notebooks full of prayers.  Some, embarrassingly enough, are filled with whining and endless pleas. Those, thankfully, only make up some. The others are filled with a love relationship with my Savior Jesus, My Heavenly Father, and my Counselor: my trinity, endless God. He loves me like no other and holds me while I learn the lessons I haven’t quite gotten yet.

photo 4

My painting takes the form of, “I want to paint!” Then, I paint. I will post my paintings along with my writing.

a new beginning

I love coffee. Sometimes I go to sleep at night excited that I’ll wake up in the morning to have my first cup of coffee in a new day.  I love cats and children. My cat, Tom, sometimes brings tears to my eyes. I loved cats as a girl, but could not have one because my brother was allergic.  Hence the tears and gratitude for my sweet kitty; wells my little girl heart up with joy. By the way, in case you were wondering, my husband and children cause even greater tears of joy.

photo 6

photo 5

I would love to be on a speech and debate team, but do they have those for home school mothers?  I don’t think so.  But, oh boy, do I have words and do I know truth!  I have become well acquainted with the Scriptures in order to LIVE, in order to not run, in order to be right here, right now with me, but all covered up and filled with Him and His love.   Hence the blog.  I’m passionate about truth being walked out only by grace, but nonetheless walked out.  I’m tired of religion and it makes me gag.  God has delivered me from it and brought me to Himself. I do not want a form of godliness denying it’s power. I don’t want Bible Belt religion.  I don’t want to be on the “in” with the religious elites, I don’t want to be in church politics.  I want Jesus.  On the same note, I don’t want disunity and I don’t want to discount that God works in all sorts of different places and denominations.  I do not long to be part of the problem, but rather a girl born in such a time as this shining my light towards Jesus: the Way the Truth and the Life.

I wish I could see your face and know your heart and why you’ve come by today. Whomever you are, wherever you are, I pray for you that you hear the heart of the Father, see the ways of Jesus, and taste the power of the Holy Spirit that is for all sons and daughters of the King.

To the Kingdom! To the Restoration!

Diana Corman

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